Value Partner Management Consultants

About us

About Value Partner

Applying best practices, Value Partner renders custom-made management consulting services to mid- and large-sized companies across a range of industrial sectors. Our services are delivered exclusively by seasoned professionals.

Based on a broad range of consulting experiences in specific industry sectors, the firm offers services in the context of strategy, restructuring and performance improvement initiatives.

Services are designed to be action-based and strongly focused on implementation, along with measurable results.

We partner with clients to identify their highest-value opportunities, address critical challenges, and assist in transforming their businesses.



Geographical scope of services

Value Partner engages primarily in western Europe but also in central and eastern Europe, the Middle East and North America.

Given the variety in cultural backgrounds of our partners, we can effectively support our clients across a broad range of geographies with due consideration for local culture and language requirements.

Code of conduct

Value Partner strictly adheres to the highest levels of business ethics.

Assignment contracts regularly carry tightly defined confidentiality agreements as integral components.

We accept non-compete clauses for extended periods to preserve specific client confidentiality requirements.